Scholarship Foundation grants are open to St. Joseph County students planning to attend any accredited college or university on a full-time basis.*  Recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit and financial need. Our objective is to identify and make a difference in the lives of the most hard-working and gifted students in our community who exhibit unmet financial need.

Unlike many scholarship programs, our awards are renewable and are not restricted to paying for tuition and room and board expenses.  Though most frequently used to meet those obligations, our grants allow the student the financial flexibility to use their scholarship funds where they’re needed most.  This sometimes includes the incidental expenses associated with college life that are often under-funded, and which can sometimes pose an additional barrier to college attendance.  Computers, school supplies, travel and personal expenses can all be met through a Scholarship Foundation grant.

Over the last 10 years, we have awarded an average of 27 new and 81 renewal scholarships a year, averaging just under $2000 per award.  Scholarship expenditures are based upon endowment investment results and our annual fundraising campaign.  The number of awards and award amounts can fluctuate year-to-year.

* Please see eligibility for a complete list of eligibility requirements.

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  • Like most students, I needed some financial help to be able to go to school. I have an older brother who was also in college, and my family had been experiencing some very costly ongoing medical expenses. The Scholarship Foundation’s generous aid provided me with the opportunity to go away to study business at a school that is consistently top-ranked for both its academics and its genuine interest in ensuring students’ future success – Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Had it not been for the Foundation, I likely would not have been exposed to the many networking opportunities, corporate business visits, and diverse cultural experiences I’ve been fortunate to receive in Bloomington. I would also have never met the amazing people I now consider my best friends. I’m thankful for the Foundation’s help that allowed me to experience several learning and growing opportunities that otherwise probably wouldn’t have been possible.

    Shelby Green 2012-2016 Scholarship Recipient Indiana University- Bloomington

  • My name is Lauren Groth, and I’m a former Scholarship Foundation recipient from 2001-2005. I attended John Adams High school and then went to Northwestern University, in part due to the scholarship I received from the Foundation. As the child of two public school teachers, the scholarship was immensely helpful in allowing me to attend a private university- going to Northwestern would not have been possible otherwise. I truly believe the scholarship was the first step in a series of doors that were opened for me. Through the scholarship I was able to expand my horizons, attend a wonderful university, move on to live abroad, attend law school and now work as a lawyer in Washington DC. I’m extremely grateful to the Scholarship Foundation for the scholarship and the opportunities it provided me.

    Lauren Groth 2001-2005 Scholarship Recipient, Northwestern University- Evanston