Our Mission

Only the Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County provides carefully selected mentors to guide our scholarship recipients through their college journey. As the oldest independent scholarship foundation in the county, we are driven by our belief that education is the foundation for a positive future. We strive to provide that opportunity to any qualified high school graduate.

If you are a St. Joseph County student planning to attend college and meet our eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply for a Scholarship Foundation award.

Thank you note from one of our students . . .

I am so grateful to the Scholarship Foundation for their support of my collegiate endeavors these last four years. I truly could not have made it without the financial and personal support provided to me—be it through rent and tuition payments, textbook purchases, or a box of cookies in the midst of exams. . . I truly believe the mentorship aspect of the Foundation is one of its greatest strengths, and I will always remember the kindness shown to me by (my mentor).


Loyola University of Chicago BS Ed. Class of 2015